LEVIA has introduced a limited-edition winter seltzer in Pomegranate Punch, a hybrid cannabis blend aimed to elevate the consumer’s experience in any social setting.

As a locally owned and operated business, LEVIA partners with other local businesses and enlisted Massachusetts-based illustrator Keever to conceptualize and design the seasonal label. Keever used a variety of blues, whites, and greys to portray a scenic, snowy landscape. At the forefront of the label, he incorporated pops of color in the red, orange, and yellow tones that are utilized for the graphic of the fruit, which also resembles an ornament to keep on the holiday theme. 

“In the fall we did a very limited launch of a seasonal, Cranberry Lime flavor and received great feedback from our loyal consumer base,” said Matt Melander, president and CFO of LEVIA. “As we continue to expand throughout the state, it is important to provide both our existing and new customers something innovative and exciting. With more, diverse flavor profiles, we’re giving all cannabis consumers the opportunity to consume a zero calorie, zero sugar beverage with an anticipated effect.”

LEVIA’s winter variety will be available beginning the week of Nov. 15 in all licensed retail partners that currently carry LEVIA’s products. Just like its current line of cannabis-infused seltzers and water-soluble tinctures, the Pomegranate Punch will provide a fast and predictable onset. Consumers can expect to have a consistent experience and no hangover.

LEVIA’s Achieve, Dream, and Celebrate SKUs all made in Georgetown, MA. with locally sourced buds and all-natural ingredients. Each 12-oz. can contains 5 mg THC, zero calories, and zero sugar. Seltzers are sold individually at a S.R.P. of $7.

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