LEVIA has launched a campaign allowing fans to vote for its next limited-edition flavor of cannabis seltzer.

Fans can choose from potential flavors including Pineapple Express, Mango Jalapeño, Goji OG and Mai Tai. The winning flavor will launch in celebration of 4/20. 

Voters can visit LEVIA’s Instagram profile between Jan. 17 and Feb. 15 and comment their flavor selection on the pinned post

“We're excited to kick off this first-of-its-kind campaign for LEVIA as a means of engaging with our fans and customers more directly," said Troy Brosnan, co-founder of LEVIA. “Interacting with LEVIA’s supporters has always been a priority of ours, but now we’re giving them a voice in the flavor selection process. This campaign is a simple, fun way to show our gratitude for their constant support.” 

LEVIA’s fan-selected flavor will include a sativa blend of cannabis with intended effects of feeling energized, motivated and inspired. The limited-edition drop will also feature original artwork from Massachusetts-based illustrator Dean McKeever, also known as Keever, whose work is recognized for recent label designs including LEVIA’s Pomegranate Punch, Blueberry Cobbler and Strawberry Creamsicle. 

Brosnan told Cannabis Products in November that LEVIA takes inspiration from its limited-edition flavors from a variety of sources.

“We look at what flavors are selling well in the non-alcoholic seltzer category, as well as the hard seltzer category, and put our own spin on it,” he said. “LEVIA employees have been at the helm of flavor innovation.”

LEVIA’s products feature flexible dosing and rapid onset of effects, which typically begin within 15-20 minutes. The brand's core lineup includes: 

  • Achieve: A Raspberry Lime seltzer with a sativa blend and the tagline “get stuff done”
  • Celebrate: A Lemon Lime seltzer with a hybrid blend and the tagline “brighten your day”
  • Dream: A Jam Berry seltzer with an indica blend and the tagline “ease your mind and spirit”

LEVIA’s seltzers are manufactured in Georgetown, Massachusetts with locally-sourced flower and all-natural ingredients. Each 12-oz. can of seltzer contains 5 mg THC, zero calories, and zero sugar.

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