LEVIA is bringing back the limited-edition Pomegranate Punch seltzer to Massachusetts to mark the winter season.

The fan-favorite Pomegranate Punch consists of a hybrid cannabis blend, keeping consumers uplifted and social in a familiar, refreshing flavor. The limited-run seltzer features reimagined, original artwork from Dean McKeever, a Massachusetts illustrator known as “Keever,” who specializes in craft beverage can design. Keever’s design features a snowy landscape with a snowman and homes draped with blues, whites, and pinks to depict a chilling, winter night.

“When we first introduced the series of seasonal products last year, the consumers gravitated towards the winter flavor,” says Troy Brosnan, co-founder of LEVIA. “In a continuous effort to provide our consumers with products they desire, we decided to bring back the flavor, with a reinvented look – giving them something to sip on this holiday season.”

Along with LEVIA’s other products, which include cannabis-infused seltzers and water-soluble tinctures, the flavors of the Pomegranate Punch elevate consumers' experience with a fast and predictable onset of effects, which typically begin within 15-20 minutes. LEVIA’s products are made in Georgetown, Massachusetts and are crafted with locally sourced buds and all-natural ingredients. Each 12-oz. can of seltzer contains 5 mg THC, zero calories, and zero sugar.

All LEVIA seltzers can be found in over 150 licensed dispensaries throughout the state of Massachusetts, sold individually at a suggested retail price of $7. LEVIA’s water soluble tinctures are available in select retailers in Massachusetts, Arizona, Florida, and Nevada.

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