LEVIA Sparkling Seltzer
Company Name: LEVIA
Website: www.levia.buzz
Introduced: February 2021
Distribution: Massachusetts
Product Description: LEVIA products (including its newly launched tinctures) provide a fast and predictable onset from a choice of sativa, hybrid or indica cannabis, a consistent experience, and no hangover – all made with locally-sourced buds and all-natural ingredients. Each 12-oz. can of seltzer has zero calories, zero sugar, and contains 5 mg THC. Available in three flavors at over 100 dispensaries, LEVIA leaves consumers feeling inspired, active, focused, relaxed, happy – and refreshed.

  • Achieve “Get Stuff Done, Work or Play” – This Raspberry-Lime sparkling water is energized with the LEVIA sativa blend.
  • Celebrate “Good Times with Good People” – Keep the smiles coming with the Lemon-Lime LEVIA celebrate hybrid blend. 
  • Dream “Smooth Out the Corners of Your Day” – LEVIA and chill with LEVIA Dream, a Jamberry-flavored indica blend fo that peaceful, easy feeling. 

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