California beverage brand CQ is expanding its footprint into Michigan by teaming up with local manufacturer Emerald Canning Partners.  

The initial launch will include CQ’s 2-oz. shots, which pair 100 mg of strain-specific THC with bold flavors such as Tropical Mango Agua Fresca, Strawberry Lemonade and Nighttime Berry & Lime.

This collaboration marks the first third-party brand Emerald Canning Partners is bringing aboard. The Michigan company also launched its house brand of low-dose seltzers, Highly Casual, last fall. The company’s 10 mg Pleasantea Iced Teas hit shelves in April. 

Emerald Canning Partners plans to expand its co-packing efforts for other products, but the company chose CQ for its experience in the cannabeverage category. After the launch of the shots in July, CQ’s new line of maximum dose sippable syrups will follow in the coming months. 

“The Michigan market is thirsty for high-dose alternatives to add to their ever-increasing cannabis beverage selection, and CQ has been the perfect partner to do that with,” said Andrew Blake, founder of Blake’s Hard Cider and investor in Emerald Canning Partners.

The Michigan launch also marks the one year anniversary of CQ’s first expansion out of California and into Massachusetts. Since entering the Massachusetts market in July 2022, CQ has exponentially grown in sales and SKUs. CQ has also since expanded to Illinois.  

"Based on the overwhelming feedback and great sales in Illinois, it is clear that the Midwest digs our potent shots and delicious sodas,” CQ founder Kenny Morrison said. We can't wait to hear Michigan's feedback firsthand. It's a legit cannabis market, Michiganders know weed and know what they like. We definitely want to win them over."