High Life Farms (HLF), a privately held, vertically-integrated cannabis company with operations in Michigan and California, is bringing Kiva's Camino Gummies to Michigan through an exclusive white-label agreement with its long-standing partner, Kiva Confections

HLF is also powering the launch of two new Kiva chocolate bars in Michigan: Toffee Crunch Dark Chocolate and Raspberries & Cream White Chocolate.

HLF currently partners with Kiva to produce its award-winning chocolate Kiva Bars and Terra Bites in Michigan through HLF's white-labeling solutions. Per the expanded agreement, HLF will manufacture and distribute Kiva's Camino Gummies in the state of Michigan starting in June, marking Camino's first introduction to the state. 

"We are proud to partner with Kiva, one of the top edibles brands in the country, and thrilled to begin powering their award-winning Camino Gummies in Michigan," said Vinnie Celani, co-founder of High Life Farms. "Our top-of-the-line operational kitchen and culinary staff are dedicated to producing top-tier cannabis products for our brand partners. This expanded agreement, along with the launch of two new, sophisticated Kiva Bar flavors, is a testament to our world-class white-labeling solutions."

Camino Gummies will be available in six of its most popular flavors — Midnight Blueberry, Wild Berry, Pineapple Habanero, Sparkling Pear, Watermelon Lemonade, and Wild Cherry — with each package containing 20 servings. The line offers varied cannabinoid ratios, and each flavor is made with a unique combination of terpenes for a highly tailored edibles experience.

"Michigan is one of the top five cannabis markets in the U.S., with over 200 licensed retailers and a fast-growing consumer base looking for high-quality products," said Scott Palmer, CEO of Kiva. "We're really excited for consumers to discover a new edibles experience via Camino's tailored effects. High Life Farms is one of the leading vertical operators in the state and has an unparalleled reputation for excellence and trustworthiness, making them the perfect partner to bring an expanded offering to Michigan's consumers."

Produced in HLF's state-of-the-art cultivation, processing and extraction facility in Chesaning, Michigan, Kiva's signature line of premium-crafted chocolate bars are recognized as some of the best in the infused chocolate space. The Toffee Crunch Dark Chocolate Kiva Bar features 54% dark chocolate topped with buttery toffee and a sprinkling of Pacific sea salt, while the Raspberries & Cream White Chocolate Kiva Bar blends smooth, white chocolate with tart and sweet raspberries. 

Made with sustainably-sourced cacao, all-natural ingredients, and the best locally-sourced cannabis, each Kiva chocolate bar contains 100mg of THC, with each of its 20 pieces containing 5mg THC each.

HLF partners with market-leading cannabis brands like Kiva Confections and Wana Brands to bring to market high-quality edibles that meet the needs of evolving consumer tastes and demands. HLF plans to expand both its Desert Hot Springs and Chesaning facilities this year to help meet the rising demand for their white-labeling and distribution solutions.

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