Xebra Brands Ltd. is expanding Vicious Citrus, its Canadian cannabis-infused beverage brand. 

After launching the brand's flagship products OG and Neo, Vicious Citrus is expanding to include OG Slim, set to debut in Ontario in May, in advance of the summer season.

Launched in August 2022, Vicious Citrus has become a top-performing brand in Ontario, where more than 1,300 cannabis retailers are based. The brand has also expanded to Western Canadian markets with the entry into Alberta and Saskatchewan.

OG Slim is the third product in the portfolio, and it was developed to respond to consumer demand for a lower calorie Vicious Citrus product. OG Slim has the same taste consumers love, 5 mg THC and 2 mg CBN, with only 10 calories.

"We are very happy with the first seven months of Vicious Citrus in the Canadian market," says Jay Garnett, CEO of Xebra Brands. "Consumer and retailer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. OG Slim will attract a new consumer base for the brand, one that is looking for high quality, non-carbonated lemonade products with lower calories. It is a great addition to our line and it will play an important role in driving growth and overall profitability as we roll it out nationally."

Xebra is exploring an eastern manufacturing partner in an effort to build up inventory to satisfy demand for its products across the country.