Petalfast has partnered with HighTide, a cannabis-infused, ready-to-drink mocktail brand in Massachusetts.

Founded in 2022, HighTide provides an assortment of cannabis-infused beverages made with premium ingredients. Each beverage is available in a sleek, 12-oz. can featuring tropical colors. 

With each sip, HighTide co-founders Shea Coakley and Joshua Grab aim to bring cannabis to life.

“Massachusetts, as well as much of the New England region, has developed a thriving and expansive cannabis market that continues to meet the needs of consumers,” said Petalfast CEO Jason Vegotsky. “Within the growing THC-infused beverage market, HighTide takes a unique approach, not only offering consumers a tasty drink, but also encouraging them to be social in the moments that matter most. HighTide is a lifestyle brand in every sense of the phrase and we are excited to help them scale in Massachusetts.”

HighTide offers three flavors, including: 

  • Diablo Spicy Margarita: This margarita packs a punch of tropical flavors, including Key Lime, Pineapple, Jalapeno and Agave, with 5 mg THC.
  • Watermelon Margarita: Flavors of Watermelon, Key Lime and Agave are paired with 5 mg THC.
  • Classic Margarita: This margarita combines Key Lime, Agave and a hint of Rosemary with 5 mg THC.

“We believe that cannabis-infused beverages bring people together and help them enjoy the moments that matter most,” Grab said. “Partnering with an experienced team in the cannabis space like Petalfast allows us to spread our message of community and togetherness to new audiences. We are thrilled to begin this partnership and join the Petalfast family.”

HighTide is Petalfast’s second brand partnership in Massachusetts. Previously, Petalfast established a brand partnership with Freshly Baked, a leading social equity cannabis microbusiness. Additionally, Petalfast has aligned itself with Eagle Eyes Transport Solutions, LLC, Massachusetts’ first licensed third-party cannabis transporter and logistics specialist for adult-use and medical cannabis – this partnership provides Petalfast’s brand portfolio with statewide compliant transportation and safeguarded distribution services.