Resonate Blends, Inc. is producing new packaging for its award-winning Koan Cordials.

In response to customer requests, the company will offer five popular blends in 10-serving bottles that provide a lower cost per serving and allow users to customize servings to their personal preference. In addition, Resonate Blends is offering a 4-pack that also lowers the cost per serving while preserving the convenience and portability of the discrete smaller bottles.

Users and retailers will soon be able to order Calm, Wonder, Play, Create and Sleep in the multi-serve format. The 4-packs and singles will be available for Delight, Calm, Wonder, Play and Create.

“Resonate Blends is founded on the concept that value-added brands are the future of cannabis,” said Geoff Selzer, CEO of Resonate Blends. “Our customer response as well as our beta testing has confirmed over and over that the qualitative aspects of our experiences and the precision calibrated formulations are well received. These new form factors are designed to provide our customers with more flexible and affordable solutions, and we are engaged in a number of other innovative and aggressive initiatives designed to rapidly increase our product offerings while maintaining the focus on innovation and exceptional quality.”

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