Resonate Blends, Inc.’s Koan Cordials will be featured at West Hollywood’s The Artist Tree Studio Cannabis Lounge throughout the summer. 

“We envisioned The Artist Tree to be an immersive experience for cannabis learning, shopping, wellness, and the arts (both visual and performance),” said Lauren Fontein, co-founder of The Artist Tree. “Cannabis has been used as a source of creative inspiration by artists for thousands of years, and we highlight that natural synergy at all of our destinations.”

In the Studio Cannabis Lounge, guests can enjoy Koan Cordials and table-side service, live entertainment, an elegant outdoor patio area, and bar and indoor seating alongside non-infused food and drink options, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and in partnership with a local restaurant.

Resonate will team with a live streaming service provider to produce and live stream a series of music performances from the Studio Cannabis Lounge this summer while guests enjoy a variety of Koan Cordials to enrich their overall experience.

“Resonate mixologists have developed a number of creative cocktail recipes that complement the Koan Cordials and which have been very popular at events,” said Resonate CEO Geoff Selzer. “The precisely targeted Koan Cordials allow users to choose both the drink they prefer and how they want to feel. There has never been anything like it. Our Cordials offer six experience options: Calm, Create, Delight Love, Play and Wonder. Guests at The Studio Cannabis Lounge can now match their mood to the musical performances they are enjoying.”

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