Resonate Blends, Inc. is offering new packaging formats for its Koan Cordials alongside developing a new line of edibles designed to mirror the Cordial experience.

Koan Cordials, which are designed to drink as a shot or mix with the beverage of your choice, have received multiple awards and accolades from consumers and testers. The line features seven effect-targeted formulations, each delivering a unique blend of precision-calibrated cannabinoids and terpenes. Koan is using its evolving knowledge base and consumer response to the Cordials to continue its commitment of innovation.

Resonate Blends is currently in the production of single-pack options for all seven of the Cordial experiences. The company has also recently completed a Cordial flavor refinement project in collaboration with a leading international flavor firm that has enhanced flavor in 34,000 products for 6,000 companies in 150 countries.

In the upcoming weeks, the company will release its eighth Cordial blend, Sleep, in response to customer and retailer requests. Sleep assistance is one of the most frequently searched topics across wellness categories. Sleep will be the first Koan Cordial formula to be offered in Resonate Blends’ multi-serving bottle.

As a further evolution of the Cordial line of products, the company’s new multi-serve bottle will provide 10 doses, which is expected to bring the cost per serving down by approximately 60%, and the company plans to launch four SKUs with this form factor. Beyond the cost savings, the multi-serve bottle allows consumers to micro-calibrate their experience to their liking and share servings in social settings.

“The development of the Cordials has given our company a deep foundation of knowledge around consumer preferences, the entourage effect, bio-availability and nano emulsification,” said CEO Geoff Selzer. “As we continue to refine our current Cordials offerings, we have set our sights on the edible market, which we believe is ready for significant innovation consistent with our core knowledge and mission.”

Resonate has leveraged R&D and formulation expertise gained through the development of its Koan Cordials to address controlled experience targeting and product consistency. The company has a prototype of an edible, which will have a comparable form factor to one of the market’s top-selling candies but will have a longer shelf life, greater consistency and the same experience precision consumers love about the Cordials. The edible prototype, which will be branded under Koan, is in active development and the pricing should be in line with competitive products currently in the market.

The company expects the new line of edibles to be available by this summer.

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