North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ) has relaunched EVERx CBD Sports Nutrition Beverages, a brand acquired from its sister company, Puration, Inc. in 2021.

After creating EVERx as part of a cannabis-infused consumable development and exploration initiative, Puration subsequently retooled its business to focus on the overall potential of the industrial hemp market. Puration sold EVERx to USMJ in exchange for a perpetual royalty agreement.

Puration established EVERx as a leading CBD beverage in the sports nutrition market with millions in annual sales. Acquiring EVERx mid-pandemic, USMJ decided to wait out the economic impact of the pandemic and target a later relaunch of the CBD sports nutrition beverage.

USMJ is now relaunching the product with an updated formula and look designed to expand the appeal of EVERx beyond the sports nutrition market. Alkame Holdings, Inc. remains the bottler for EVERx.

The relaunch of EVERx is the beginning of an overall USMJ cannabis ecommerce expansion campaign. Following the relaunch of EVERx, USMJ has plans to launch multiple new products, both in-house products and third-party products, in an overall effort to expand USMJ ecommerce sales.

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