ZBD Health is launching CBD-infused nutrition bars, available for sale in retail locations in Colorado, Washington and Oregon. 

ZBD's founder, professional nutritionist David Ingalls, says the company is excited to bring high quality CBD to great-tasting and healthy snacks. 

"We think of ZBD nutrition bars as CBD health for everyday life," Ingalls says. "As a nutritionist, my goal was to create bars that have the highest quality food value and taste great, as well as offer the benefits of CBD." 

Ingalls is also the founder of the nutritionally healthy and tasty Zing Bars, and his experience with Zing contributed to product development for ZBD. 

"People want nutrition, but they aren't willing to compromise on flavor," he says. "We learned to marry flavor and healthy ingredients together in Zing Bars and that knowledge was very valuable in creating ZBD." 

ZBD bars are available in Peanut Butter Chocochip and Mint Chocochip. Each bar is enhanced with 10mg CBD from broad-spectrum, THC-free hemp oil and made with natural nut and plant-based vegan protein. They are low in sugar and free from wheat, gluten, GMOs and artificial sweeteners. 

ZBD bars are available today in New Seasons Markets and Market of Choice in Washington and Oregon, Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy and Sprouts Farmers Market in Colorado, along with numerous independent, natural and specialty retailers. ZBD bars can also be purchased online at the company's website.

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