Brio Nutrition, a premium CBD products provider, released a complete line of health and wellness CBD products that are 100% broad spectrum and hemp-derived with a majority of formulas that are also water soluble. Twelve separate products were included in the launch, ranging from edibles for the entire family, including pets, to a complete line of topicals for your health and beauty regime aimed to provide the highest quality hemp derivatives and formulations.
Brio Nutrition’s products are broad-spectrum, removing any customer concerns about ingesting THC. Broad-spectrum contains all of the hemp plant’s natural benefits including terpines, flavonoids, omegas, proteins and vitamins. Because our bodies are made up of over 60% water, Brio Nutrition has a unique offering of water soluble – dispersible products, which provides maximum absorption into the body, even deep tissue absorption.
Brio Nutrition also announced that it’s one of the few companies in the industry that meets CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards with its US-based GMP certified facility. This guarantees that Brio’s products are made in accordance with all applicable state and federal regulations, with complete transparency throughout the manufacturing process. With Brio’s CGMP advantage, all products are guaranteed to meet the claim on the label. 

In addition, Brio conducts rigorous third-party testing that includes both raw material and finished product testing, ensuring 100% quality and transparency. Each Brio Nutrition package has a QR code for every product lot which includes clearly stated lab results ensuring proof of zero THC levels or heavy metals.