Saucy Brew Works has formed a joint venture partnership with Red Workshop to enter the cannabis market with their brand, Saucy Canna Works

In collaboration with manufacturing partner, One Love Labs LLC, Saucy Canna Works has developed cannabis products. Their corresponding assets are set to debut where approved in early 2022.

The cannabis-infused products will launch first in the state of Michigan with additional markets to follow. The Saucy Canna Works’ initial product offerings will include full-spectrum gummies, cartridges, and pre-rolls.

“This is a continuation of our desire to build out our evolving and growing lifestyle brand,” said Saucy CEO Brent Zimmerman. “We formed this joint venture with industry veterans and experts in the national cannabis space. The team is very excited about this launch and thrilled that we can now add cannabinoids into our product mix.”

Red Workshop is the consulting firm started by MedMen Co-Founders Adam Bierman and Andrew Modlin. 

“Saucy is executing on the next stage of cannabis crossover,” Bierman said. “They [Saucy] have done a fantastic job of providing consistent, accessible craft beer, coffee and other creative products to their consumer, and are now able to provide that same consumer the cannabis products they are already seeking.”