Ripple is bringing its fast-acting cannabis edibles to Michigan.

Ripple Michigan, the newly-opened 8,000-sq.-ft., multimillion-dollar cannabis manufacturing and processing facility in Lansing suburb Dimondale, is the company’s first step in a long-term multistate expansion plan. For two of Ripple’s three co-founders, CEO Justin Singer and Missy Bradley, VP of marketing, who both grew up in the metro Detroit area, it’s also a homecoming.

“Midwesterners can sniff out B.S. a mile away, and they deserve fast-acting cannabis products they can actually trust to deliver what they promise,” Singer said. “Ripple is the only cannabis edibles company using published, peer-reviewed human clinical research to substantiate our fast-acting claims. We know personally that Michigan has some of the best and brightest people in the world. And of course we’re delighted to have our products available in the same state that pioneered Vernor’s, Faygo Red Pop, Better Made Chips, and the Coney dog.”

Ripple Michigan is launching in the state all three of its product lines, both for medical and recreational sale:

  • Ripple QuickDissolves: Fast-acting, water-soluble powder that dissolves quickly and cleanly into any food or beverage
  • Ripple QuickGummies: Clinically proven to be two times faster than the competition, in all-natural flavors and a wide range of doses
  • Ripple QuickSticks: Consumers can simply pour the flavored powder on their tongues

With commitments secured in more than 150 dispensaries across Michigan, Ripple products are now available in both medical and recreational dispensaries.

“We have always prided ourselves on being a food company working with cannabis, not a cannabis company playing with food,” says Rachel Reed, director of sales and marketing. “That unique focus, combined with the production technologies and methods we’ve developed from scratch, allows us to deliver consistency, from extraction to finished product – so consumers can count on the same great Ripple experience every time.”

Singer is set to discuss quality in cannabis edibles during his presentation for Cannabis Products Exchange, set for April 28-29 in Denver. To learn more and register, visit the CPX website.

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