CannAmerica Brands Corp. has partnered with Swiss Lux Products, Inc. to manufacture and distribute licensed CannaAmerica products in Canada.
"CannAmerica is looking forward to our entry into the Canadian recreational market, as this agreement marks our first opportunity to bring our branded products to an entire nation," said Dan Anglin, CEO and co-founder of CannAmerica. "With Canada allowing for a multitude of finished products in the cannabis marketplace, CannAmerica is ready to introduce the Canadian cannabis consumer to products that have thus far been unavailable. We anticipate a vibrant response to our menu of offerings and anticipate a positive response to our company's dedication to high quality products."

The partnership, which initially will last three years, allows Swiss Lux Products to purchase all un-infused consumable ingredients, packaging supplies, and branded hardware exclusively from CannAmerica. Swiss Lux Products will also manufacture product according to CannAmerica’s formulations and processes.

Additionally, for the first six months of the agreement, Swiss Lux Products will employ one full-time salesperson in Canada to promote, market, advertise and sell CannAmerica products.

"Because Swiss Lux is only interested in collaborating with premium brands, this agreement provides them with the opportunity to utilize our supply chains and expertise as they develop and commercialize high-quality cannabis products for the recreational, cosmeceutical, edible, beverage and medical markets,” Anglin said.

This partnership aligns with CannAmerica’s goal to expand into additional markets in the United States during 2019.

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