Insa is releasing limited-edition products in celebration of spring. 

The company’s spring offerings will be available at its Massachusetts locations and other retailers across the state.

Julian Rose, Insa’s head chef and director of R&D, has developed an array of flavors to evoke the essence of spring. 

“We're all in on spring at Insa, rolling out our seasonal goodies, all made with the highest quality cannabis, that truly embody the season,” Rose said. “The birds are beginning to chirp away, flowers blooming, and that warm breeze starting to roll in. We get a real kick out of crafting these for our amazing customers. They keep coming back, eager to see what new treats we've dreamed up for them this time and season after season."

Insa’s spring offerings include:

  • Guava Kiwi Drops: Tropical guava puree and natural kiwi juice are balanced with 5 mg THC per piece. They retail for $25.
  • Churro Bar: This bar features a blend of milk and dark chocolate, heightened by spicy cinnamon, dough flavors and 5 mg THC per piece. Insa’s Churro Bar retails for $25.

In celebration of 4/20, Insa is launching the limited-edition Milk & Cereal Chocolate Bar. Consumers can will taste milk chocolate, honey corn flake crunch, and creamy vanilla and sugary fruity flavors. Each piece features 5 mg THC. The bar retails for $25.