The Cannabist Company Holdings Inc. has launched a dual-action cannabis gummy product in Massachusetts under its Hedy brand. 

Additional markets will follow, pending regulatory approval.

The dual-action, bi-layered gummies offer a swift onset with lasting effects. The top layer is infused with fast-acting distillate made with Azuca sugar, and the bottom layer is infused with a full-spectrum distillate that offers a flavorful, holistic and sustained high that lasts long after consumption. The launch includes two flavor combinations: Pomegranate Melon and Blueberry Lemonade.

“This is a true example of our commitment to product innovation – bringing our customers one of the most creative edibles to date,” said Jesse Channon, president, The Cannabist Company. “Our teams have crafted the perfect edible for those looking to have an amazing, blended experience. It’s the best of both worlds with an excellent combination of a rapid onset of effects that stick around for a lasting high. This revolutionary edible is also an amazing representation of everything that the Hedy brand stands for – fun, inviting and flavorful. Customers can expect to see more unique and creative products like this as we continually strive to ensure that there is something for everyone on our shelves.”

Each package of Hedy’s dual-action layered gummies contains 20 pieces, with a total THC content of 100 mg. These gummies are available for both medical patients and adult-use customers.

The Cannabist Company launched the Hedy brand in fall 2022. It is currently available in 11 markets: Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.