Jones Soda Co.’s crossover cannabis brand Mary Jones has expanded to include hemp-derived delta-9-THC craft sodas. 

Jones Soda is the first nationally distributed CPG soda company to cross over into hemp delta-9-THC. It was also the first in its market to expand to cannabis when Mary Jones launched in Californian dispensaries in 2022.

The new Mary Jones hemp delta-9-THC craft sodas are created with the exact same formulation of Jones Soda. The sodas are sold in 12-oz. cans with either 2.5, 5 or 10 mg of low-dose hemp THC in four classic Jones' flavors, including Root Beer, Orange and Cream, Green Apple and Berry Lemonade. 

The company will also introduce new and special release flavors in 2024, leveraging Jones' 25-plus year expertise, as well as other hemp delta-9-THC edibles. Mary Jones hemp delta-9-THC sodas will also include user-generated labels, just as the Jones brand does.

Additionally, Mary Jones has launched a direct-to-consumer e-commerce store for Mary Jones hemp delta-9-THC products, shipping to all states with exception of Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, Idaho and Oregon due to state regulations. Certificates of analysis for all Mary Jones hemp delta-9-THC products are provided on its ecommerce website. Mary Jones hemp delta-9-THC is currently available at retail in six markets (Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, Alabama, Southern California) with many more to come.

"There's a great evolution happening among today's consumers and retailers. They are adapting to legal cannabis and THC products, whether low-dose hemp-derived delta-9 or traditional higher dosed THC options via state regulated markets," said David Knight, CEO of Jones Soda. "Jones Soda always delivers the best-tasting products, and our Mary Jones range of beverages and edibles don't disappoint. Mary Jones now sits squarely in this trajectory, with low-dose hemp delta-9-THC and traditional cannabis products that meet the demand."

Mary Jones cannabis-infused products will continue to be sold in dispensaries in legal cannabis states.