Jones Soda Co. is bringing its Mary Jones cannabis-infused beverage brand to Washington after launching in June in California.

The company said Washington ranks as one of the top 10 cannabis markets in the U.S., and as one of the first with legalization dating back to 2012, it is a priority market for establishing and growing the Mary Jones business.

Additionally, expanding into Washington will allow the brand to meet demand in Jones Soda’s home state, where the arrival of Mary Jones products has been anticipated by local dispensaries and cannabis users.

Manufacturing and distribution will be handled by CompCanna Inc. and Washington-licensed cannabis processor Dogtown Pioneers, Inc. Compcanna developed the IP brand concept, Ray's Infused Lemonade, which is the No. 1 cannabis beverage brand in Washington, and with Dogtown has achieved a 95% penetration in dispensaries throughout the state. These strategic relationships will help speed the process of placing Mary Jones products on local dispensary shelves.

Mary Jones will launch in Washington dispensaries in early 2023 with a portfolio of products featuring beverages and edibles, as well as low-dose and high-dose options. Each of these products has already been developed by Jones' flavor scientists for the California market.

Mary Jones 10 mg and 100 mg THC-infused sodas will launch in Root Beer, Berry Lemonade, Green Apple and Orange & Cream flavors that taste just like the Jones craft sodas that have been top sellers for over 25 years. As with Jones' craft soda line, Mary Jones will also feature seasonal, limited-edition flavors, as well as those pulled from the archive of 150 flavors that Jones has created to date.

The 10 mg sodas are packaged in single-serving, 12-oz. glass bottles sold in 4-pack carriers. The 100 mg sodas will come in 16-oz. resealable, child-resistant, multi-serve cans designed for paced consumption and/or social sharing with friends.

"Our home state of Washington is one of the country's most robust recreational marijuana markets with annual sales of roughly $1.5 billion in 2021 and a projected $2.5 billion in annual sales by 2025," said Mark Murray, president and CEO of Jones Soda Company. "Now that our Mary Jones business is off and running in California, bringing Mary Jones to Washington with a strong strategic partner like CompCanna makes perfect sense as we pursue our plans for international rollout in all recreational use markets."

Since launching in California, Jones Soda said the Mary Jones line has surpassed internal expectations and market forecasts with placement in more than 250 dispensaries in six months.  This strong position sets Mary Jones up for continued revenue growth in California, with opportunities for distribution in as many as 250 additional dispensaries. New products and flavors will be added to the portfolio on a regular basis.

"Compcanna is thrilled to be working with an exceptional brand like Mary Jones,” said Rodney Boast, director at CompCanna. “Compcanna has long admired Jones Soda for the quality and breadth of their portfolio, and because of Jones Soda's exceptional brand recognition in the state. With our cannabis brand development experience, successful relationships with licensed cannabis processors with established marijuana-infused production capabilities, extensive distribution network, seasoned sales team and deep knowledge of the cannabis landscape here, this is the perfect collaboration to quickly get Mary Jones products into the hands of local canna consumers throughout Washington."