Insa is releasing seasonal products in celebration of Valentine’s Day. 

The company is debuting chef-curated Red Velvet Smooches and Passionate Drops. All of Insa’s limited-edition products will be available beginning Feb. 1 at its Massachusetts locations. 

In addition to the seasonal launches, Insa’s newly available form-factor, Tablits, will feature its Flirty SKU, designed to enhance intimacy.

“Our focus on Valentine’s Day seasonals and Flirty Tablits was delivering consumers advanced and innovative products with cutting-edge technology, and we believe we have done just that,” says Julian Rose, head chef and director of R&D at Insa. “These products aim to give the aroma of passion while capturing the essence of love during this holiday season with a touch of rich and velvet chocolate flavors. We eagerly anticipate the official launch in February.”

The Red Velvet Smooches feature rich, velvety chocolate that enrobes creamy red velvet ganache. Each piece features 5 mg THC. 

The Passionfruit Drops are vegan and gluten-free, and they feature bursts of tropical flavors. Each piece features 5 mg THC.

Insa’s Flirty Tablets are crafted from a blend of THC and botanical ingredients, including horny goat weed, cordyceps, muira puama, ginseng root and tongkat ali (longjack). Tablits are designed to offer a discreet, fast-acting consumption method in the form of an easy-to-swallow pill. Insa Tablits are available in six unique variations, including G’Night for sleep, Amped for energy, Joy for a mood-booster, Mellow for relaxation and Relief to alleviate discomfort.