Cali Sober has launched a line of hemp-derived beverages in Tennessee. 

The name “Cali Sober” is a slang reference to a lifestyle where people choose to forgo alcohol and only consume THC. Founder Flip Croft-Caderao decided to name his brand after this lifestyle after embracing it himself while seeing the trend of consumers seeking out alternatives to alcohol. 

"We are thrilled to introduce Cali Sober to the vibrant and diverse community of Tennessee,” Croft-Caderao said. “Our carefully curated THC-infused mocktails are designed to provide an enjoyable alternative to alcohol for those looking to unwind and elevate their days and nights. We believe that Cali Sober will not only become a staple in Tennessee but will also set a new standard for the evolving landscape of beverage innovation."

The brand’s signature mocktails are made with natural ingredients and offer a twist on traditional beverages. Cali Sober is available in three alcohol-free varieties, each containing 5 mg THC per can:

  • Berry Ginger Fizz: An effervescent gin-free blend of berries and ginger
  • Ranch Water: A refreshing spin on the quintessentially Southern staple
  • Paloma Spritz: A flavorful and sophisticated citrus-forward spritz