Hemp Living has introduced a line of Delta-10-THC products. 

Hemp Living has Delta-10 gummies in Grape and Watermelon flavors, Delta-10 vape cartridges in six flavors and Delta-10 dab wax in eight flavors. All products contain less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC to comply with the 2018 Farm Bill.

"When we released this to the market, we wanted to do it right," said A.J. Jacunski, director of marketing and product development at Hemp Living. "By using the best-quality distillate, eye-catching packaging, and the hottest flavors, we proudly hit the ground running. There's a lot of fun strains to choose from, like Northern Lights, Watermelon Kush, Blue Widow, and 24K Gold Punch. Our goal is to continue expanding our premier Delta-10 product offering, so users can get the best variety and lowest prices from industry experts they can rely on."

Delta refers to the molecular structure of THC. Delta-8 is a minor cannabinoid with a double-bonded carbon on the eighth carbon chain. Delta-9 is a major cannabinoid with its double-bonded carbon on the ninth carbon chain, and Delta-10 has its double-bonded carbon on the 10th. Traditional cannabis contains trace amounts of Delta-10, making it difficult to research and use effectively.

Delta-10-THC was an accidental discovery by a California-based concentrate producer. After purchasing an outdoor-grown cannabis crop grown near a wildfire, the Delta-10 compound was found to be a byproduct of that forest fire. Winds had spread fire-retardant chemicals onto the crop, setting off a chemical reaction that resulted in the formation of unusual crystals that would be later identified as Delta-10-THC. Research has led to a new process that converts CBD into Delta-10 using food-grade chemical agents, making it safer and easier to produce at scale.

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