Wherehouse Beverage Company has entered into distribution deals that will put its flagship beverage WYNK, a hemp-derived THC-infused seltzer, on the shelves of traditional beverage retailers in five major markets across the U.S. 

WYNK is already available in more than 100 stores across Minnesota and in 32 states through direct-to-consumer online sales. WYNK is made with a 1:1 ratio of hemp-derived THC to CBD, infused at 2.5 mg and 5 mg per can, creating a balanced, light and social buzz. With zero sugar and zero calories, this low-dose infused-beverage is available in three flavors, including Black Cherry Fizz, Juicy Mango and Lime Twist.

“We've always been committed to creating safe, best-in-class cannabis beverages that can live in the mainstream adult beverage market, meet customers where they shop, and continue to normalize infused drinks as a viable option for a growing number of people who aren’t interested in alcohol,” said Phil McFarland, general manager, THC beverages at Wherehouse Beverage Company.

Working with traditional distributors provides an opportunity to connect with and educate local business owners about THC-infused beverages, while offering additional SKUs to stores that are seeing alcohol sales dip among younger adult consumers. Likewise, these deals offer consumers the chance to make their infused drink selections in the same locations they make their other adult beverage selections.

“WYNK was born to be on the shelves next to great brands like White Claw and swim in the same coolers,” said Miguel Garcia, head of brand for Wherehouse Beverage Company. “We’re thrilled to be launching in these first five markets and can’t wait to connect with consumers.”

WYNK will hit the shelves in:

  • Chicagoland (Cook and the Collar Counties) starting Nov. 13
  • New Jersey (major metro markets such as Jersey City, Hoboken and Cherry Hill) starting mid-November
  • Massachusetts starting in December
  • Connecticut starting in December
  • Ohio (major metro markets such as Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus) starting in January