Coda Signature is introducing four chocolate bars and three Fruit Notes products at select dispensaries in Massachusetts next month.

“Massachusetts consumers are among the most discerning and savvy in the nation, and we are thrilled to craft our sumptuous chocolate bars and Fruit Notes on their behalf,” said Lauren Gockley, Coda Signature co-founder and chief innovation officer. “We are so honored to serve Bay Staters, in fact, that we are launching a fantastic new chocolate bar flavor, Toffee and Sea Salt, in Massachusetts.”

The first chocolate flavors that Coda Signature will bring to Massachusetts include:

  • Coffee & Donuts: Creamy milk chocolate joins robust coffee and toasted milk, finished with a dusting of cinnamon sugar (100 mg THC)
  • Cream & Crumble: Milky white chocolate delights with a creamy lemon cheesecake flavor (100 mg THC)
  • Maple & Pecan: Darkend milk chocolate blends with maple and pecan flavor, accented with smoky sea salt (100 mg THC)
  • Toffee & Sea Salt: Blonde chocolate joins buttery toffee bits and staccato notes of Maldon sea salt for a sweet and salty indulgence (100 mg THC)

Fruit Notes available in Massachusetts feature:

  • Strawberry & Rhubarb: Sweet strawberry pairs effortlessly with tart rhubarb, lightly dusted with vanilla bean sugar {100mg CBD:100mg THC}
  • Cherry & Sarsaparilla: This nostalgic duo of cherry and sarsaparilla conjures memories of sipping cherry soda at the neighborhood corner store (100mg THC)
  • Fast-Acting Pomegranate & Hibiscus: Savor the sweet ruby notes of pomegranate with a dusting of tart floral hibiscus for restful sleep (100mg CBN, 100mg THC)

“With the launch of Coda, we are bringing a new level of luxury, artisanal edibles to the East Coast, unlike anything consumers have experienced before,” said Cristina De Tomasi, TILT’s senior vice president of corporate development. “Chef David Topian and our award-winning production team share Coda Signature’s passion for quality, so we had a harmonious foundation from the start. Coda created an excellent suite of products that is unparalleled in the edibles space and I am excited for the market to have an edible of this caliber.”

The Massachusetts launch with TILT also offers an unveiling of Coda’s sustainable product and packaging. Massachusetts consumers will be the first to experience boxes that detail the company’s commitment to single-origin, ethically sourced chocolate. Coda Signature also launches in Massachusetts with an exclusive, custom blend of chocolate, a unique formulation of cacao sourced from a farming alliance in South America. 

Coda will launch in the Ohio market with TILT this summer.