AYR Cannabis Dispensary, a cannabis retail chain owned by AYR Wellness, Inc., has launched Kiva Confections Camino Soft Chews across its network of more than 60 Florida dispensaries. 

The launch follows the company’s entrance into an exclusive three-year licensing and retail agreement in Florida with Kiva Confections.

“I am thrilled that AYR Cannabis Dispensary locations across Florida will now be carrying Camino Soft Chews by Kiva Confections,” said Sevi Borrelli, AYR’s general manager, Florida. “Our Florida patients have been asking for more options in the edible category, and the Camino brand encapsulates all of the qualities of a top-shelf edible: effective, consistent and flavor-forward. AYR is the only dispensary carrying Camino Soft Chews in the state and we expect our patients will greatly enjoy this new offering.”

AYR Cannabis Dispensaries in Florida will carry five of Kiva’s popular Camino Soft Chews, including Sleep Midnight Blueberry with CBN, Balance Yuzu Lemon with CBD, Uplifting Pineapple Habanero and Bliss Watermelon Lemonade, with Chill Wild Berry to come.

In the future, AYR locations will offer additional brands from Kiva’s portfolio, such as Camino Sours, Lost Farm and Petra.

“At Kiva we create products that are approachable and appeal to a wide range of consumers and patients,” said Ben Schultz, GM expansion, Kiva Confections. “We’ve developed an industry-leading ecosystem of partners like AYR in Florida that enable us to expand access to our brands and products to new markets and audiences while building and maintaining strong relationships with each of the communities we serve.”