AYR Wellness Inc. has entered into an exclusive, three-year licensing and retail agreement in Florida with Kiva Confections

The agreement will bring Kiva’s collection of cannabis edibles to the Florida market for the first time via AYR’s 62 retail locations across the state.

“We are thrilled to welcome Kiva Confections to the Sunshine State,” said Sevi Borrelli, AYR’s general manager, Florida. “Our partnership with Kiva reaffirms our commitment to providing our patients in Florida with the best products available. We are eager to inform our patients about Kiva’s long-standing reputation as a premier cannabis edibles provider and guide them as they explore their wide-ranging selection of premium offerings. According to Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use, we currently hold the second highest market-share of oil-based products in the state and anticipate further expanding on that base via our partnership with Kiva.”

AYR anticipates beginning the rollout of Kiva’s products to Florida patients in the fourth quarter of 2023. The selection of edibles coming to Florida include Camino Gummies, Camino Sours, Lost Farm Gummies, Lost Farm Chews, Camino Chews and Petra Mints.

“We couldn't be more excited to bring our house of brands to Florida,” said Kiva Confections Co-Founder Kristi Palmer. "AYR Wellness is the perfect partner for us. Their commitment to providing the best experience for their patients made it an easy decision to work with them and expand our brand into such an opportunity-filled market. We can’t wait for patients to discover Kiva and realize how delicious, precise, and effective Camino and Lost Farm edibles can be.”