Cannabis icons Cheech & Chong have brought their High & Dry hemp THC seltzers to liquor stores in the Boston area through a partnership with Atlantic Beverage Distributors.

"We're all about makin' it simple for folks to get what they need, whether you're in a dispensary or in the liquor store,” Tommy Chong said. “It's all about takin' care of the community."

Available in Grapefruit Twist, Citrus Sunrise, Raspberry Highball and Magic Mule varieties, the seltzers feature zero calories and 5 mg of hemp-derived THC.

"This initial roll-out in Boston has been incredible,” said Brandon Harshbarger, president, Cheech and Chong’s Global Holding Company. “And that all comes down to the team at Atlantic Beverage. They are the 'Kings of Craft Beer in Boston' for a reason. Looking at their history in the adult beverage space, there was no better partner. We're proud to have them on board the Cheech & Chong team."

Cheech & Chong have also partnered with dispensary operator Toroverde to launch Cheech & Chong's Dispensorias, a line of cannabis dispensaries, in Massachusetts.

"Legalization is great, but the industry lost some of the fun along the way,” Cheech Marin said. “We wanted to bring back the fun and excitement and laughter with the Dispensorias. We wanted to do it different than anyone else, almost like another 'cannabis revolution.' And we figured, what better place to start a revolution than Massachusetts?"

The duo will open Dispensorias in Whately, Greenfield and Northhampton in November.

"We've worked hard to ensure that our Dispensorias are designed to break down barriers, foster a sense of community and give every cannabis consumer, regardless of experience level, access to a safe, responsible, and reputable cannabis experience, boosted by the connection of two legends in the space,” said Jonathan Black, CEO of Cheech and Chong's Global Holding Company.