With their inherent portability, convenience and versatility, cannabis mints pack a major punch, despite their diminutive form.

Consumers continue to turn to cannabis mints. BDSA reports the category generated $25 million in the first half of 2023 across the markets it tracks, representing about 2% of edibles dollar sales.

Cannabis Products Insider recently spoke to Anna Walters, co-founder and CMO of Breez, and Kevin Moses, director of wholesale marketing for Verano — maker of the Encore brand — about the appeal and target audience of the mint format, as well as their companies’ most popular cannabis-infused mint offerings.

CPI: Why are mints a good format for delivering cannabinoids?

KM: Encore Mints are uniquely crafted to provide discreet, low-dose, on-the-go consumption. At a dosage of just 5 mg THC per mint, Encore Mints are perfect for delivering a desired and predictable effect for consumers of all experience levels. Given the versatility of mints, consumers can choose to use them sublingually, allowing them to dissolve over time, or enjoy them as a typical after dinner breath mint. Whether consumers lean on mints to provide comfort in the form of pain relief, or are simply interested in consuming them on-the-go, Encore Mints are designed for cannabis fans of all experience levels to enjoy.

AW: Mints help make cannabis part of everyday life. They go in your bag, desk drawer or back pocket for easy reliable dosing, plus fresh breath.

CPI: In broad terms, how would you describe the mint manufacturing process? How do you handle the dosing for mints?

AW: We use a proprietary manufacturing process and custom equipment to make a mint with 100% natural ingredients.

KM: We maintain the highest level of quality and care in creating Encore Mints with a controlled dosage of THC – along with CBD in select products – while ensuring the flavor profile and freshness matches what consumers expect in regular over-the-counter, non-dosed mints. Our packaging is another key element: Encore Mints are packaged in a sleek tin, which offers a convenient format for consumers to enjoy the product over time on-the-go.

Encore mints cinnamon

CPI: How would you describe your brand’s target audience?

KM: Encore Mints are a relatively low-dose product with 5 mg THC that primarily appeal to newer, less experienced cannabis consumers. Given their versatility due to the lower dose, they also provide an opportunity for more experienced cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy several mints over time for a larger dosage and enhanced effect. 

AW: Breez is for anyone who likes to enjoy cannabis discreetly — anytime, anyplace. We get great stories from fans who have taken Breez everywhere with them: K-pop concert, men’s backpacking trip, pottery class, you name it.

CPI: What are the most popular Encore mint varieties?

KM: Our most popular varieties are our Wintermint flavor, a classic mint flavor profile with 5 mg THC per piece, as well as our Tangerine 1:1 flavor, which gives consumers 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD per piece for a more balanced effect. We have seen strong and sustained consumer demand for Encore Mints, and the portfolio continues to grow along with the rest of the broader edibles category. 

CPI: Why does Breez offer the Royal Mints in sativa, indica and hybrid varieties?

AW: Our indica, sativa and hybrid Royal Mints were inspired by our best-selling Breez tablets and let you customize the effects you want to feel.

Breez Royal Mints

CPI: Why does Breez offer the Berry mints in Daytime and Nighttime varieties?

AW: We actually tried different flavors (mint, citrus) for our daytime and nighttime microdose options, and the berry option tasted so good we went with it.

CPI: What was the inspiration behind the Relief and Recovery varieties?

AW: Our Relief formulas were inspired by emerging scientific research suggesting that a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC is beneficial for pain relief. Our Recovery formula is for our moms and everyone else who wants to get the benefits of cannabis without feeling “high.”

Breez mints

CPI: Are there any plans to introduce new flavors and/or dosage options?

KM: We are always exploring new and innovative edibles formats, flavors and dosages to address evolving consumer tastes and preferences while meeting the ongoing growth in demand we continue seeing across our Encore product portfolio including mints, gummies, caramels and chocolates.

AW: We’re never going to stop R&D on new flavors and dosage options.