Koi CBD has collaborated with the band Dirty Heads to launch three hemp-derived delta-9-THC gummies that embody what Koi and Dirty Heads love about Southern California.

Drawing inspiration from the band’s latest album, “Midnight Control,” Dirty Heads and Koi created gummies, each combined with CBG, CBN, or CBD, to evoke a sense of relaxed focus, tranquility and happiness. Each formulation was inspired by the names of the band’s popular songs and provides a tailored edible experience. The members of the band were hands-on throughout the creative process, from dialing in the effects of each gummy to choosing their flavors.

“I’m really excited about our recent collaboration with Koi,” said Duddy of Dirty Heads. “I’ve been a big fan of their products for a long time, so I’m stoked we were able to come together and create something special for you guys. Hope you enjoy.”

The Island Glow gummies have a Hibiscus flavor, and they feature 10 mg THC and 10 mg CBG per piece. Midnight Control has a Blueberry Acai flavor, and each piece contains 10 mg THC and 10 mg CBN. Rescue Me features a Peach Elderberry flavor, and there is 10 mg THC and 10 mg CBD per gummy. Each 20-ct. jar is available for $39.99.

Koi tapped Dirty Heads’ bassist David Foral, also a visual artist, for the artwork and package design. The jars feature the Dirty Heads’ mascot, the octopus, amid a lush palm-tree-lined tropical scene as a giant sun sets in the background. Each iteration uses vibrant colors to create a mood of optimism and a sense of expectation.

“We’re big fans of Dirty Heads, so I am thrilled to see this collaboration come to life,” said Koi co-founder and CEO Brad Ridenour. “We’ve been making the best CBD products right here in Southern California for as long as Dirty Heads have been creating the soundtrack to our lives that we all feel truly embodies the spirit of our culture. Can’t wait to show our new Dirty Heads consumers what we’ve got.”