The Biondo Group has partnered with Manitoba Harvest, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tilray Brands, to create an earth-friendly look for the brand’s Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) Hemp Hearts.

The packaging design expresses the product’s soil restoration message and seed-to-shelf story. It also maintains the current Hemp Hearts visual equities and retail brand block.

“Branding within the regenerative agricultural space delivers unique creative challenges,” said Charles Biondo, founder and CEO of the Biondo Group. “Rather than competing against brands for market share, here Manitoba Harvest is working cooperatively with other companies on a joint mission to reduce the earth’s carbon.”

According to The Organic & Non-GMO Report, 58 of the world’s top 100 food companies have either made regenerative agriculture commitments or have publicly stated regenerative agriculture pilots or intentions.

Biondo Group chose natural farm visuals and replaced the Manitoba Harvest traditional colored-coded arch to depict clean farming practices. The group also created a prominent logo lock-up with the ROC seal. The product’s “Farming for a Better Future” mission is emphasized with a green tag flag, bringing focus to the product image. 

“Another challenge with growing a regenerative ag brand is how to effectively communicate and emphasize multiple benefits on both an altruistic (save the planet) and personal (taste & health) level,” Biondo said. “Simplicity is the most powerful approach; we used a clean layout and type style to communicate these clearly.”

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