Manitoba Harvest is unveiling its new product lineup pairing hemp protein with superfood ingredients.

Manitoba Harvest’s new products are blended with other powerful plants like matcha and kale, along with new formats like ground hemp seeds, which offer greater convenience to consumers looking to incorporate hemp into baked goods, smoothies, and snacks.

“Hemp has been one of the most misunderstood plants for decades, and we’re thrilled to see consumers beginning to understand its nutritional value,” said Sam Garfinkel, VP of marketing at Manitoba Harvest. “These new items take full advantage of hemp’s protein and omega content and will be a perfect option for consumers looking to enhance their wellness routine.” 

Manitoba Harvest’s new lineup Includes:

Hemp+ Matcha: This new Hemp protein powder blend delivers a kick of caffeine to boost smoothies and fuel mornings.

Hemp+ Supergreens: An innovative new combination of hemp protein powder and greens like kale and spinach for a super smoothie solution.

Hemp+ Chia & Flax: Three nutrient dense seeds come together to make a perfectly blended mix for breakfast and baked goods.

Ground Hemp Seed: The same hemp seeds in a new format to add convenience for boosted baking.

Roasted Hemp Seeds with Sea Salt: Power pack snacks with 10 g of protein, 10 g of omega 3&6, and 11 g of fiber per serving.

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