The Bettering Company, a cannabis brand offering chef-curated edibles using real fruits, herbs, teas, spices, jams, is set to launch sales of THC-infused gummies in Illinois this fall.

Founded by Mark Cozzi and Drake Nickell, the company’s initial seed round in 2022 included participation from seasoned consumer packaged goods investors including Peter Rahal, co-founder of RXBar. The company recently received $6.7 million in funding, bringing the company’s total funding to date to more than $11 million. 

The Bettering Company’s funding will be used to complete construction of its Rockford, Illinois facility and to build the company’s management team, which is focused on recruiting top-tier candidates in sales, marketing and food production.

“Despite a decade of legalization, the cannabis market lacks a truly luxury option catered to consumers that want more than just a cannabis delivery vehicle but a great experience,” Cozzi said. “There are no cannabis brands truly aligned with the health conscious, flavor-loving consumer, so we set out to build a company to accomplish that. Our mission has been and will be to make every step better in the process. We cannot wait for the world to experience the difference.”

Backed by the company’s mission to improve sustainability, The Bettering Company pouches are made with 35% post-recycled material. Each gummy is individually wrapped for functionality. The vegan, gluten-free gummies are available in six flavors: Blackberry Lemonade, Blood Orange, Fennel Fig, Hibiscus Chamomile Thyme, Raspberry Mandarin and Watermelon Chili.

"The Bettering Company team is creating edibles 2.0 by taking familiar products and improving on key aspects such as flavor, consistency and packaging,” Rahal said. “The Bettering Company is fixing the problems people associate with edibles leading to a far better consumer experience."

The Bettering Company is proudly LGBTQ+ founded, as well as employee-owned. The company intends to expand to other states, including New Jersey and New York.