St. Peter’s Spirits Inc., maker of Green Monké cannabis sodas, has partnered with Nana Pharma Tech, a licensed cannabis producer based in Montreal, Quebec, to build a cannabis beverage manufacturing facility. 

St. Peter’s designed and financed the canning line at Nana Pharma’s licensed facility. The initial annual canning capacity of 2 million cans will be dedicated to offering Green Monké beverages across Canada.

“Building upon our two-plus years in the Canadian market, we are pleased with the most recent successes that we have enjoyed with the Green Monké brand, including a Top 10 sales position in Ontario on the launch of our Tropical Citrus 10 mg THC + 20 mg CBD Happy Soda; the launch of our co-branded Cookies x Green Monké drinks in July; and record sales out of British Columbia,” said St. Peter’s CEO Pat Gleeson. “To continue to grow the Green Monké brand, we needed to have more control over the manufacturing and supply of our drinks. In Nana Pharma, we have found an ideal partner, who embodies our three fundamental organizing principles: insist on high quality, great-tasting beverages; provide best-in-class customer service; and always use recyclable packaging. This new partnership allows us to use just-in-time printed cans that have an even higher rate of recyclability, making our drinks even more attractive to our target market. We are extremely excited to see how much farther we can grow the Green Monké brand now that we have control over the supply of our drinks and we are working in partnership with Nana Pharma.”

The canning line and related equipment installed at Nana Pharma is expandable and adaptable. The company says it’s looking to replicate this business model in select U.S. states to address the lack of cannabis beverage-making infrastructure. This business model works best with a trusted local partner, like Nana Pharma, who is an efficient and proven cannabis operating company.

“Quebec has a storied history of making world-leading adult beverages,” said Jean-Christophe Parisien-LaSalle, president of Nana Pharma. “We are extremely proud of Nana Pharma’s role continuing this history and trail-blazing into cannabis drinks, which all projections indicate will win a significant share of the adult beverage market over the next five years. We believe that the Green Monké lineup of drinks represents the quality, taste and values we look for in partnering with a brand. Green Monké, with over five years of history as an infused beverage company, has high brand recognition, a quality product and respected management with whom we are proud to be working. With our production coming online, we are excited to provide consistent and dependable supply of Green Monké product to the regulated dispensaries across Canada that have been craving more.”