brelixi has launched a line of cannabis-infused instant drink mixes. 

Featuring nootropics, electrolytes, antioxidants and adaptogens, brelixi is available in two flavors: Elderberry and Hibiscus Lemonade, with 30 mg CBD, and Yuzu Turmeric Lemonade, which offers 20 mg of hemp-derived THC. The brand utilizes its nano cannabis technology to provide a faster onset time (of about 5 to 10  minutes).

Flavor-masked by founder and chief food scientist Breanna Neff, who honed her skills working with global food and beverage leaders and startups, brelixi can provide enhanced hydration, stress reduction, enhanced focus and mood, strengthened immunity and more.

Aside from its discreet and portable nature, brelixi allows users to tailor not only the dosage but also the flavor to their personal preferences. Whether blended into a mocktail, slowly sipped in microdoses, or mixed with water, brelixi empowers its customers to embark on a journey where wellbeing is customizable.

"brelixi is a celebration of wellness through cannabis," Neff said. "As a Black female founder, I take great pride in my role, not only in destigmatizing cannabis use but also in presenting cannabis enthusiasts with an innovative and personalized consumption option that's equally flavorful, discreet and accessible."

To enjoy brelixi, the company recommends mixing one stick in either 8 or 16 oz. of water, depending on the desired flavor. Consumers should drink only half of their glass to start, and slowly increase the dosage after about 5 to 10 minutes.

Priced at $12 per stick or $45 per 5-pack, brelixi is available nationwide online and at select dispensaries and specialty stores.