Hometown Hero CBD’s latest product offerings are designed to support high energy, deep recovery and relaxation needs for an active lifestyle.

ORCA by Hometown Hero offers fast-acting, microdosed THC and CBD for precise endocannabinoid system activation without overstimulation.

Selling for $24.99 and packaged in newly branded tins, each ORCA by Hometown Hero SKU contains 30 sugar-free, plant-based tablets, along with a list of ingredients and QR code to a certificate of analysis. The new ORCA lineup includes:

ORCA Energy

Featuring a rapid-onset microdose, ORCA Energy combines water-soluble THC with a blend of nutrients to provide a natural boost of energy. Each tablet contains 2 mg hemp-derived delta-9-THC, 1 mcg biotin, 200 mcg Vitamin B-12, 5 mg zinc, 5 mg thiamine and 15 mg caffeine.

ORCA Recovery

Designed to enhance post-workout recovery, ORCA Recovery was developed for athletes to support muscle repair, reduce inflammation and enhance relaxation. Each tablet contains 2 mg hemp-derived delta-9-THC, 150 mg L-theanine, 15 mg riboflavin, 68 mg magnesium and 7.5 mg manganese.

ORCA Relax

A soothing blend of CBD, CBN and lavender oil works together to help alleviate daily stress. Each tablet contains 25 mg CBD isolate, 5 mg CBN isolate and 20 mg lavender oil.

“Orca by Hometown Hero highlights our innovative product pipeline for growth-minded consumers with high-functioning lifestyles,” said Lukas Gilkey, CEO and cofounder of Hometown Hero CBD. “Whether you are an athlete, fitness enthusiast or anyone with an active lifestyle, Orca’s specially curated product mix helps adult consumers boost wellness and amplify performance with relative ease.”

Hometown Hero CBD also introduced the ORCA Max Strength Recovery Roll-on for targeted relief.