Hometown Hero CBD has released Delta-9 Rainbow Squares and Delta-9 Cinna Crunch Squares marshmallow cereal edibles.

Both varieties contain 300 mg of delta-9-THC from hemp. The Rainbow Squares are flavored with fruity rice cereal, while the Cinna Crunch Squares feature cinnamon sugar cereal with plain rice cereal.

As with all of its products, Hometown Hero CBD will donate a portion of the proceeds from the new edibles to charitable donations that support U.S. veterans in need.

Last year, Hometown Hero CBD released Delta-8 versions of its Rainbow Squares and Cinna Crunch Squares. Both edibles became best-selling items. Like these previous versions, a locally-owned artisan bakery made these edibles in collaboration with Hometown Hero CBD. Plus, the squares come scored in 75 mg portions for better control.

"We're very excited to round out our product lineup with these edibles that solely feature delta-9-THC from hemp," said Lewis Hamer, VP of Hometown Hero CBD. "As hemp-derived delta-9 rises to prominence across the nation, we'll be sure to offer more products to suit a wider range of preferences and lifestyles.”

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