MariMed Inc.’s Betty’s Eddies brand has launched Beachtime Betty’s, a limited-edition batch of Strawberry Lemonade chews for the summer.

Available at select cannabis retailers throughout Massachusetts, Maryland and Delaware, each Beachtime Betty is infused with THC (5 mg or 10 mg, depending on the state) and the minor cannabinoid CBG (5 mg) that may deliver both calming and energizing effects. 

Beachtime Betty’s celebrates summer’s iconic flavors by melding tart and refreshing lemonade with real, organic, just-picked strawberries. Vitamins C and D are added as essential vitamins to promote skin health and create an easy, energized feeling for a true summer vibe.

“Every product in the Betty’s Eddies lineup features all-natural blends of full-spectrum cannabis, supporting cannabinoids and herbal supplements and vitamins to help you feel your best, and with Beachtime Betty’s that means getting in a relaxed, summer state of mind,” said Jay O’Malley, vice president of marketing and research & development at MariMed. 

Beachtime Betty’s is among O’Malley’s first product launches since joining the company earlier this year after 20-plus years with The Boston Beer Company.

Beachtime Betty’s joins a full slate of Betty’s Eddies products that feature specific end-effects, including Take It Easy Eddies for stress relief, Go Betty Go for an energy boost, Ache Away Eddies for pain relief, Bedtime Betty’s for restful nights, Elderbetty for an immunity boost, Smashin’ Passion for sexual wellness and Betty Good Times for any time. Made for adult-use and medical consumers, Beachtime Betty’s is currently available exclusively in cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts and will hit dispensaries in Delaware and Maryland soon.