Jones Soda Co. has added two flavors to its line of Mary Jones cannabis-infused beverages. 

The new additions include 10 mg and 100 mg THC-infused MF Grape and Cola flavors, formulated with the same taste as the mainline Jones Sodas. Both flavors will be available at California dispensaries in early June, with additional recreational cannabis states to come this year.

The 10 mg MF Grape and Cola cannabis sodas come in single-serving 12-oz. glass bottles. The 100 mg sodas are packaged in 16-oz. resealable, child-resistant, multi-serve cans designed for paced consumption and/or social sharing. 

With these two flavor releases, Jones Soda solidifies its take on the classic soda shelf, which includes THC-infused sodas and syrups in Root Beer, Berry Lemonade, Green Apple and Orange & Cream.

"Mary Jones dipped into the cupboards of the mainline brand once again due to demand for its MF Grape and Cola flavors among cannabis consumers, transferring Jones' most popular favorites to the THC community," said Brooks Jorgensen, president at Kiva Sales and Service. "Cola was strategically driven. It's an iconic flavor profile. With MF Grape, Jones fans have demanded its return, so it was brought back in both mainline Jones and Mary Jones."

Jones is the first branded soda company to expand into the cannabis market and one of the first mainstream consumer brands to crossover into the industry. It has recently expanded to Michigan, Nevada and Washington, with plans to offer Mary Jones in all legal states

"Our team has been getting calls and emails from dispensaries and cannabis consumers in other legal states about how they can get Mary Jones locally. They know the Jones brand and want Mary Jones products," said Mark Murray, president and CEO of Jones Soda Company. "There's a special romance with these two classic Jones flavors among consumers. MF Grape and Cola are great additions to Mary Jones."