Minnesota’s Crooked Beverage Company is launching its “high, minnesota” platform, which will allow small businesses to participate in the hemp-derived THC market.

The high, minnesota platform will allow any legal product, producer and brand to list their products for sale. Influencers will have a dedicated page where they can select the products they want to offer for sale to their network of friends and family. The platform will enable the sale, pick, pack and shipping of those products. 

Participating brands will be able to list their products in the marketplace. The company's fulfillment network will manage the delivery to the consumer, while the influencer/referring party is paid for the sale.

The company also released its findCrooked.com tool, which enables our consumers to find authorized retail locations near them. 

"Crooked is committed to the safe and legal sale and consumption of its products across the state,” said Crooked Beverage co-founder Ryan Winkler. “A healthy and thriving marketplace from hemp-derived THC means all participants need to focus on safety and a high-quality consumer experience. We launched our crookED training and certification platform to focus on safety and compliance, but we also want retailers to help educate consumers on these exciting new alternatives to alcohol.”

Crooked Beverage has also pledged its commitment to the Children's Cancer Research Fund with participation at the Dream Gala, being held in Minneapolis on April 21. Cancer hits close to home for many of the founders of Crooked Beverage. 

"We are confident that our financial support to this important cause will carry a positive impact on the organization, its supporters and families who rely on them," said Jeremy Sutherland, co-founder of Crooked Beverage. "As a growing category here in Minnesota, we are dedicated to the families impacted by this devastating disease. We will do everything in our power to ensure they can rely on our industry's contributions for years to come."