Fair State Brewing Cooperative has launched Minnesota's first cannabis co-packing house and distribution center for hemp-derived beverages.

Named after Fair State's cannabis beverage line, Chill State Collective offers co-packing, storing, distribution and endorsement to assist other cannabis beverage brands in Minnesota.

Launching Chill State Collective involved creating a new model for cannabis beverage distribution in the state. Distribution involves different vendors, stores, licenses and rules than beer distribution. In addition to Chill State's own hemp-derived THC beverage, six beverage brands have signed onto the cooperative partnership with Chill State Collective, including Happi, Plift, Bent Paddle, FIND WUNDER, Offfield and Cann.

"We are bringing experienced operators and strategic thinkers together in a new beverage segment, which is really unique," said Rob Shellman, Chill State Collective principal and program director. "We have the best of the best and are dedicated to running this business in a mission-driven and responsible way for Minnesota. We're aiming to encourage safe cannabis discovery through exceptional quality."

Chill State Collective's launch comes six months after Minnesota's legalization of THC edibles and infused beverage purchases. Since then, many craft breweries and brands have launched cannabis beverages in the state.

Along with the launch of the cannabis beverage distribution center, Chill State is launching its second cannabis beverage: Pineapple Express. The original Chill State beverage includes King Louis and Grapefruit Kush terpene flavors. Both beverages are light and refreshing with zero calories, added sugar, or artificial sweeteners.

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