The Tinley Beverage Company Inc. is reformulating select Tinley's products to include higher THC potency and new package formats. 

"In California, we see a preference in the dispensary channel for high THC potency beverages,” said Tinley’s CEO Teddy Zittell. “By increasing the potency of our beverages in high-demand package formats, we plan to unlock revenue from this segment of the market.”

Zittell also noted Tinley's will relaunch home delivery of its beverages in California. The direct-to-consumer delivery of Tinley's cannabis beverages will be a collaboration between the company, its cannabis brand distribution partner, Sulo Distro, and Grass Door, a leader in direct-to-consumer delivery of cannabis products.

"We believe home delivery customers, many of whom are new to the category, will respond favorably to our current lineup of Tinley's micro-dosed beverages, all of which are all low-calorie, low-carbohydrate and gluten-free," Zittell said. "Through our management services agreement with Blaze Life Holding LLC and its subsidiary ILLA Canna LLC, we have locked in lower production costs for our own Tinley's brand and structured a continued revenue opportunity from current contract packing clients. We will now focus on driving increased revenue growth by building on our own brand.”

In the U.S., Tinley’s relaunched its Beckett’s products at Total Wine & More, coinciding with Dry January. Total Wine & More has reordered Beckett's products, and the company has commenced production to satisfy this order. Additionally, Tinley’s is pursuing expansion to other retail networks, distribution groups and channels. Store tests, which include product demonstrations and sampling, have been conducted at select H-E-B supermarket locations in Texas.

Tinley’s plans to relaunch the Becketts brands in Canada, starting in Ontario, in the second quarter of 2023. Based on consumer and retailer feedback for Becketts Classics ready-to-drink sparkling beverages, the products will now be packed in 355 ml aluminum cans. The company has identified an Ontario-based co-packer to produce these cans with new recipes developed in 2022. This work was done by a leading international flavor company with experience in both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. The beverages are intended to more accurately reflect the flavor profile of their alcohol=based references.

For the Becketts '27 product line, the reformulation reduced the stevia aftertaste and more closely matches the target spirit or liqueur profile. Tinley’s is in negotiations with two potential Ontario-based co-packers who can produce in 375 ml multi-serve cork-finish bottles. Tinley’s is also evaluating alternative routes to key markets across Canada with distributor and broker options focused on the mainstream and specialty grocery business, as well as the beverage alcohol channel.

Tinley's product development team is continuing to evaluate new beverage options that are better suited for Canadian consumers and Canadian regulations. To this end, the company is working on ready-to-serve beverages with a 10 mg THC potency and infused with other novel cannabinoids, such as CBG. 

"We see the new Tinley's Classics ready-to-drink cannabis 'mocktails' as a product that will be well received by Canadian consumers," Zittell said. "However, the long process in Canada of getting cannabis drinks from the development stage into the hands of consumers remains challenging for all cannabis beverage brands in Canada, including Tinley's.”