Resonate Blends, Inc. is launching the Koan Sleep Cordial in California. 

Sleep features a blend of THC, CBD, CBN, linalool and myrcene, and was designed and tested to guide mind and body through the entire sleep cycle.

“Our motto is ‘Precision Calibrated Cannabis’ and that’s exactly what we’ve accomplished in our just released Sleep product,” said Resonate Blends CEO Geoff Selzer. “We tested several formulation trajectories and then refined our final blends until we saw consistent results from nearly all of our testers. It was not only critical for us to accomplish the goal of helping people get more sleep, but also to better quality and more restful sleep. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of a good night’s restorative sleep and our entire team is extremely proud to launch this extraordinary product.”

Sleep helps users fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead — with no lingering cannabis haziness. The 5 mg of fast-acting delta-9-THC facilitated sleep quickly in the testing group. The THC provides a calming sedative effect amplified by myrcene and complemented by the stress-relieving properties of linalool, which relaxes both the body and mind. The 15 mg of CBD helps to ensure healthy proportions of the different sleep stages so users wake up feeling refreshed.

Biofeedback devices worn by the tester group showed that 10 mg CBN helped them sleep longer and more soundly. Less tossing, turning and waking up provides more time to recharge. More than 90% of Sleep testers reported the Sleep blend was effective overall and helped them to exceed their personal sleep goals.

Sleep is now available in single samples and in 100 ml, 10-serving multi-serve bottles.

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