Kiva Confections has partnered with Jetty Extracts, a California-based producer of cannabis extracts, for a limited release of Lost Farm Gummies and Chews. 

The partnership between the two veteran cannabis brands yields a collection of 100% live resin-infused edibles featuring full-spectrum, strain-specific effects, utilizing some of Jetty Extracts' most popular strains.

"As two Oakland-based brands, we've been longtime supporters of the team at Jetty Extracts," said Steve Miller, director of brand marketing at Kiva. "Both brands share a mutual passion for innovation and elevating people's lives through cannabis, and we can't wait for our consumers to see and experience that through this first-of-its-kind collaboration."

The two limited-edition collaboration products available at launch include:

Honey Apple x Sunshine OG Lost Farm Gummies: Jetty Extracts' 100% Live Resin Sunshine OG features a sweet 'n sour chorus of citrus notes turned spicy and herbal in this sativa-dominant strain. The Sunshine OG live resin notes take a backseat in the fruity, flavor-forward Honey Apple gummy that finishes with a touch of sweet honey flavor.

Sour Berry x Legend OG Lost Farm Chews: A pungent, earthy palate reveals the OG Kush roots of the indica-dominant hybrid strain Legend OG, which is converted into 100% Live Resin by Jetty Extracts. With tart, juicy berry flavors on a background of citrus, the limited Sour Berry fruit chew is ripe for the picking.

Like all Lost Farm products, both the Chews and Gummies are plant-based and feature 10 mg THC per serving and 100 mg THC per package. 

"The Jetty team is thrilled to partner with another California cannabis favorite to bring fresh products to market in the state we both call home," said Ron Gershoni, CEO of Jetty Extracts. "Jetty is committed to presenting our consumers with the most premium and innovative products available. Our collaboration with Kiva is an exciting opportunity to combine our brands' expertise in cannabis to create a line of top-tier new products."

Launched in 2020, Lost Farm by Kiva is the first edibles brand made with strain-specific, 100% live resin, which retains the plant's delicate cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes to deliver a distinctively brighter, more complex, and full-spectrum edibles experience.

Jetty Extracts, born in 2013, handcrafts award-winning small-batch extracts. Providing consumers with options that range from Unrefined Live Resin, High THC, and Solventless vape, concentrates, and pre-rolls, Jetty is an industry leader recognized for its uncompromising approach to carefully-crafted products free of pesticides, chemicals, and fillers.

The Lost Farm x Jetty Extracts collection will be available for a limited time at select California dispensaries and via Kiva Direct. The product retails for $22, while supplies last.

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