Kalvara, a cannabis beverage with in-the-cap infusion technology and sonic emulsification, is debuting in California, the home state of Grammy Award-winning artist Miguel, co-founder, owner and Chief Creative Director of Kalvara.

Known for the patented Vessl closure — a nitrogen-powered cannabis liquid delivery device — Kalvara provides a precise dose of fast-acting cannabinoids. There is no need to measure, mix, shake or guess. There is no button to push.

The multisensory experience of twisting the cap, hearing the release of the pressurized nitrogen, seeing the colorful THC liquid rush into the reusable bottle, and tasting the naturally flavored beverage is unique in the industry. The rapid onset of the precise dose of THC is an ideal alcohol replacement.

Each Kalvara variety comes in a 100-mg five-pack: Citrus Twist is sweetened with exotic monk fruit; Berry Chill comes with an added 10 mg CBD for relaxation; and Tropical Inspire adds an energy-boosting component. Kalvara can be consumed on its own over ice or with a mixer.

Unlike cannabis drinks that are packaged in cans or bottles, Kalvara’s compact profile is easily integrated into retail spaces and reduces waste with its reusable 3-oz. bottle.

The nanotechnology of the pressurized Vessl closure keeps the cannabis oil fresh at ambient temperatures for an increased shelf life. The taste, aroma, and color will not fade or oxidize. The drink itself is calorie-free and does not contain any sugar or preservatives.

Kalvara is available at licensed retailers in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Ontario, with other states and Canadian provinces coming soon.

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