Flourish Holdings, LLC has launched Axis Hemp in a Cap, a line of beverages with flavors inspired by fruity cocktails.

Axis Hemp in a Cap is a 6-oz. beverage with 25 mg of hemp extract. It’s free of sugars and calories and is packed with electrolytes, B & C Vitamins and Zinc. The initial launch includes four flavors: Tropical Berry Daiquiri, Strawberry Daiquiri, Lemon Drop Daiquiri and Mighty Mango Daiquiri. 

Flourish Holdings has adopted the Vessl Technology to use on its Axis Hemp in a Cap beverages. Vessl is a patented closure that provides instant and pressurized mixing of the functional ingredients into water immediately prior to use.

By purging oxygen from the headspace and preserving the active content under pressure with the inert gas nitrogen, the Vessl Closure reduces or prevents degradation and eliminates the need for artificial preservatives in perishable items.

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