Xebra Brands Ltd. has signed a manufacturing agreement with Restorative Botanicals, a leading provider of premium CBD products.

This collaboration marks a milestone for Xebra as it enhances its product portfolio with its first Mexican product launch of CBD tinctures.

Under the terms of the agreement, Restorative Botanicals will manufacture a bespoke CBD tincture exclusively for the Elements CBD brand. The CBD tinctures, tailored to meet Xebra's specifications, will offer consumers a wellness solution aimed at delivering on consumer needs.

The CBD products will be manufactured in the U.S., allowing Xebra to import finished products prior to receiving all federally approved confirmations from the COFEPRIS for domestically produced products. Xebra's long-term goal remains to manufacture locally in Mexico, but as consumers and retailers eagerly await domestically produced products, Xebra unlocks another commercial route through their import authorizations to satisfy these consumer needs. Xebra will introduce these Element branded products to prime the retail and commercial pathways in Mexico and lay the foundation for greater expansion and lower cost of production once domestic products are manufactured.

The bespoke CBD tincture crafted by Restorative Botanicals for Xebra will feature:

  • Broad-spectrum CBD extract sourced from organic hemp
  • Botanical ingredients for enhanced efficacy and flavor
  • Rigorous testing and quality assurance measures to ensure potency and purity

“We are excited to partner with Restorative Botanicals to commercialize our unique product offerings ahead of domestic production,” said Rodrigo Gallardo, interim CEO of Xebra Brands Ltd. “This collaboration ignites a commercial pathway to revenue by allowing our team to unlock the Mexican CBD market and start forging partnerships with retailers and commercial outlets."