Organigram Holdings Inc. has received a final redetermination from Health Canada that its patented Edison Jolts lozenge products are to be classified as edible cannabis, conflicting with the company’s position that they are an ingestible extract.

The final redetermination comes after the Federal Court of Canada granted Organigram’s application for judicial review of Health Canada’s determination that the products are to be classified as edible cannabis. The Court found there was a breach of procedural fairness by Health Canada and the matter was then remitted back to Health Canada for redetermination, taking the Court’s reasons into consideration.

“We are disappointed with the outcome of Health Canada’s further review of our Jolts product,” said Organigram CEO Beena Goldenberg. “Our patented Jolts lozenge was launched over two years ago following significant research and development and was specifically designed to appeal to consumers looking to access regulated and tested ingestible products from the legal market that met their needs for potency and price. We are currently assessing our options to continue to meet the needs of consumers while retaining them within the legal market.”

Organigram has stopped the production of Jolts in its current format and is currently working with Health Canada on timing to sell through remaining inventory to provincial distributors.