KANHA, Sunderstorm's edibles brand, is expanding to the Midwest with its retail debut in Illinois. 

The brand has launched with a new vape line, with gummies following soon. The expansion means that KANHA is available in dispensaries across five states and three countries. 

"We're extremely excited to have a presence in the Midwest, and we look forward to expanding to more states in the near future," said Cameron Clarke, co-founder and CEO of Sunderstorm. "Illinois is famous for its criminal resistance to alcohol prohibition, so we're thrilled to see state legislators bring cannabis sales out of the black market and into the safety of regulated dispensaries. We're proud to have the opportunity to show the people of Illinois the benefits of high-quality edibles with consistent effect and zero pesticides." 

KANHA vapes come in 0.5 g cartridges and are formulated with specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles for a consistent, elevated experience. The line launches with Tropical Trainwreck (sativa), Raspberry Skywalker (hybrid), Mango Haze (sativa), OG Blackberry (indica hybrid), Creamsicle (indica), and Blue Dream (sativa hybrid).

KANHA will bring its full line of gummies to the Prairie State, including its FX and Nano series. To reduce its environmental impact, KANHA will manufacture and test its edible products in local facilities and labs.